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Name:Aimee Gordon
Birthdate:Apr 19
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

DR. AIMEE GORDON (@ angelstandingby)


Aimee Elizabeth Gordon is the only - and younger - sister to rough around the edges, flirty manslut, and reformed bad boy, Josiah "Joe" Gordon, but they are like chalk and cheese and always have been. Three years younger than Joe, Aimee is more on the quiet and reserved side than her brother, having witnessed the trouble repeatedly that he has managed to get himself into and all the consequences involved. She never knew her father, who skipped out on the family when she was a baby, so Joe was always the only male authority figure in her life, but sometimes, he was just unreachable to her. Now, as they have gotten older and Joe having turned his life around and stepped up his maturity, they have become closer and formed a somewhat healthier sibling relationship. Joe's determined to protect her, and for the moment, she's willing to let him... if she thinks he has something of value to offer. No longer a kid herself, she will always put him in his place if he is sticking his nose in where it's not wanted, and even though she knows he will probably have something loud and determined to say to anyone Aimee decides to date, she is pretty sure she might have found The One in Dave Tynan and may just gag Joe if he gets too vocal and too big brotherly over-protective on the subject... when she finally plucks up the courage to tell him she's in a relationship.

Aimee was always the smart one of the family, and prided herself on being constantly near the top of her class, unlike her big brother who nearly flunked out on the regular. She dreamt of becoming a doctor, or more specifically, an obstetrician because she adored children and babies. She was one of those girls who fantasised about getting married and having babies of her own one day whilst making her Barbie dolls do just that. The family didn't have much money growing up, but Aimee never wanted for much. She was never materialistic and always tried to help their mom with the cooking, shopping and housework. Her childhood and teens are mostly just memories of her brother not being there or being absent, with the constant fear she would lose him or he would end up in jail. Luckily, Joe did turn his life around and both he and their mom were proud when Aimee graduated high school and began Medical School at New York University, where she met soon-to-be close friends, Liam Morgan and Beau Watson.

The three of them went right through Med School together, and all scored internships at Mount Sinai Hospital in their respective choice of fields. Where Liam aimed for a Surgical, Beau gained his placement in Oncology, and Aimee in Obstetrics working under Senior Attending Physician of the department, Dr. Haley Jackson. Aimee took to the specialty like a duck to water, and hopes to continue with a residency in the same unit once her internship is over and she's qualified.

Aimee is a typical hard-working doctor, putting in many hours to continue learning how to be the best physician she can. She is a carefree girl with a fun sense of humour and likes to let her hair down in the little free time she has, enjoying hanging out with her friends, going to the beach, dancing, and a good hard cocktail now and again. She is a true romantic, and just wants to find that one guy who is her whole world that she can love unconditionally. Even though she thought she had found it once, it turned out her boyfriend had an extensively wandering eye and she ended the relationship as soon as she found out, relieved she could turn her back on the experience before she took anymore steps with him (it helped getting closure when Joe beat the living shit out of him and told him if he ever came near her again, he would cut his balls off with a machete). She hasn't given up hope, though, and doesn't dread the prospect of diving back into the dating pool like some people following a broken heart. She is just more than aware of how easy it is to make bad choices of the heart and hopes she doesn't fall into the same trap all over again.

She works hard and initially didn't know how to easily balance her work with a social life and sacrificed just about everything (including a love life) for her job. However, it was at one day scrubbing up to watch a C-Section in the OR that she met trauma surgeon, David Tynan, and they share a nice conversation where he encouraged her with a little pep talk of how messy a C-Section could be. Later, they bumped into each other in the cafeteria again and Dave asked her if she wanted to get a coffee with him the next day when they both had a day off. She did, and they were immediately smitten with each other.

The relationship is only in the very early stages, but Aimee can't believe how amazing a guy Dave is. She has begun to enjoy herself more, going on dates and spending time with him, rather than just living to work and she's excited to see how things might progress in the future.

Aimee Gordon is an Original Character for the musebox PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse purposes only. No infringement intended. Her PB is Alexis, with no affiliation to Alexis herself.

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